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    Seeing that Nobunosuke Murakami's attitude towards cigarette smuggling is completely different from before, and what Nobunosuke Murakami said is also very clear, what he attaches importance to is the Rain and Wind Plan, which is the instigation and surrender of the tycoon behind the scenes He Guangzong. quickly explained: "Murakami Jun, since you attach great importance to the Wind and Rain Project, you should pay more attention to Shopkeeper He. As far as I know, behind him is a high-ranking government official." Chongqing."

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    Ngo Chi Hai immediately said: "Director, why don't I bring someone to be your bodyguard myself? I'm still a little insecure about the people under my command."

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    Diep Tieu Chau looked at the gendarmerie captain with serious eyes for a long time, until the other person looked a bit unnatural, then nodded and said: "Well, you know the benefits in this matter are good, I don't say more." many other things Take me to that boat.

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    After searching for He Guangzong and others, Hu Yongqiang then ordered the two employees under his command: "You two lock the warehouse and go back."

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    Of course Li Yixin knew that Deputy Director Ye and Director Lu must have arranged this, so he hung up the phone and returned to the room, happily saying to the worried Masao Yamashita: “Old Sun, it's you Song called just now." Salesman. He said that boss Lu invited the two of us to dinner at Kuixinglou in Wangjiangmen tonight. This is a very good sign. I told him my identity He is ready to meet you, which shows that he has made up his mind. Tonight I will only be responsible for the introduction, and the remaining critical time you will discuss carefully with him."

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    Now Yuan Shiheng suddenly entered his office, shouting rudely that he had obtained important information, Taro Tanaka did not believe it. He thought that Yuan Shihong might have deliberately found some innocuous information to explain to him.

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    At this time, on the platform of Stone City Station, Taro Tanaka asked Yuan Shiheng and his men to board the train along with several Japanese gendarmes, and began to inspect the people on the train from start to finish. Concentrate on checking the men, and at the same time check the tickets of everyone on the train to see if anyone has a train ticket to Stone City but doesn't get off the train.

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    Regarding calls from these puppets in China, Yukio Fujita can be perfunctory and indifferent. But Yukio Fujita must pay attention to a telegram sent by someone special.

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    Li Yixin saw that the time agreed upon with Yin Qunli was approaching, he pretended to go to the bathroom, left Jianzhong Trading Company, went downstairs and sat in the car to wait for Yin Qunli to arrive. Today, four members of the anti-smuggling team who followed the guards dispersed and stood next to the car downstairs to warn Li Yixin.

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    Deputy Director Ye immediately started calling and arranging for different people to split up and start working. Some people were ordered to start investigating who the Central Organizing Committee did not come to work on the day indicated by Li Yixin or who asked for leave under the guise of taking attendance. scope of investigation.

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    Even if Deputy Director Ye of the Central Committee does not want to do this, Li Yixin will still fall into a dilemma, if Li Yixin returns in vain after carrying out the stormy plan in Chongqing, Do the Japanese devils in Stone City still trust him very much? Will you become suspicious of Li Yixin? Will Li Yixin's potential future work be affected?

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    If people give such an impression, then who will be interested in flirting with him in the future? Who will be willing to use him for him in the future? Especially now that Li Yixin is in charge.

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    At this time, Li Yixin stuck his head out the window and said to Yin Qunli who was walking from the back of the car: "Oh, it turns out to be Chief Yin. I am doing something in the Jianzhong Trading and Trading Company" This is My subordinates, who are responsible for implementing the security guards. That's right. Chief Yin, today you are still patrolling the streets in the middle of the night. This responsible attitude towards work is something I can learn from, Li."

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    The Japanese army captain did not need to be upset, he knew that if Masao Yamashita was really an intelligence officer of the Imperial Army, then he should go to the area controlled by the Chinese army to carry out a secret mission. Such a secret mission, Masao Yamashita did not tell him.

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    No matter what, this secret material transportation channel has been successfully operated for a long time, because salesman He has successfully transported a lot of smoke and soil before, I and Li Yixin this time can reach Chongqing smoothly and safely, we can see this route is safe.

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    At this time, Li Yixin did not know that Yuan Shiheng had been detained by the special high school because of the secret radio station, let alone that Yuan Shiheng had now become a bridge for the secret cooperation between Fujita Yukio and Vice Director Xu.

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    This is a great discovery! Li Yixin decided in his heart that no matter what, he must find a way to inform the party organization to arrange support for his comrades in Chongqing to track down Masao Yamashita. Find out this Japanese spy hiding in Chongqing through all the movements and whereabouts of Masao Yamashita after he arrived in Chongqing!

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    Gao Hongcheng couldn't understand the whole story for a while, so he had to report to Li Yixin by phone, because this person was ordered by him to be released without examination.

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    Deputy Director Diep smiled and waved his hand, responding: "How is that possible? They, like the chairman, only know your code name. You are very important to our Central Committee now. I will definitely do not reveal his true identity. Isn't that just wanting to cause trouble? The military commander knows that your and your bodyguards' codenames are from the last time you successfully discovered that Japan printed fake money to disrupt our economy. So you don't need to worry about your identity being known to military commanders."

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    And from Yuan Shiheng's explanation, he saw the possibility of joining forces with the Central Committee to deal with the Communist Party, thinking that what Yuan Shiheng said was correct. If the Zhongtong leader Xu was really not interested in fighting the Japanese Empire as Yuan Shiheng said, but only wanted to deal with the Communist Party, an anti-Japanese ally, then the Japanese Empire and Zhongtong really has Cooperation base.

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    At that time, boss Li behind Director Ho probably wouldn't dare to fart anymore, then the cigarette business and inventory business wouldn't be able to continue. Isn't Deputy Director Ye skinning himself? ? !

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    At this time, Old Thach also smiled and explained: "It takes some effort for the organization to contact him under another name. He doesn't know your true identity, so you can rest assured. As for Stone City our underground party organization has looked into Since you left Stone City, you have been operating under the nose of the Japanese. Without legal status, it is easy to be exposed. So I asked He took two certificates of good citizenship, and he will come back later with a camera to take pictures for you. Be prepared for the certificate of good citizenship. You can get it before leaving tonight ."

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    After Li Yixin put down the phone, he immediately understood why Wen Mian did so and why Gao Hongcheng had not come to find him for a long time to bribe him.

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    Deputy Director Ye was very angry with this kind of secret trick. He was determined to find a way to teach Hua a profound lesson. If he used it well, he could very well compete for the position of Director. Chip for yourself in everything!

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    It's just that whether Yuan Shiheng's confession today is true or not, Yukio Fujita doesn't know. Yuan Shiheng's previous deception towards him has made him lose trust in Yuan Shiheng, and he doesn't dare to believe it. think again.

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    That's good, I'm already worried, so I'll go back and report to Ly Nghe Han soon. Ho Vinh Cuong breathed a sigh of relief, then stood up and said goodbye to the tea shop maid.