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    One by one, the six bombers dove toward the ground, completely ignoring the rising guns of the tanks. No anti-aircraft artillery positions of the Chinese army were found in this area, in other words, these majestic-looking tanks are the meat under their wings, they can eat whatever they like ! The captain took the lead and rushed down, the altitude rapidly decreased: 3000... 2500... 1500... 1000...

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    The roar of anti-aircraft machine guns came from an island, and a string of tracking bullets formed a long, brilliant line in the air, splashing into the sea near the fleet, stirring up a row of small columns of water. The captains of the four coastal defense ships all had blue veins on their foreheads. This Tubalu group was really too arrogant, even a few anti-aircraft machine guns dared to challenge a fleet!

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    Tiet Man sighed: "Forget it, your training is relatively poor, it is understandable that there will be more casualties." Pulling out the headset, she called Dieu Hi: "Sister Hi, what happened to the ghost in the canyon?"

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    The commander of the 6th Brigade, Major General Satake Katsuji, glanced at the wreckage of the severely burned tanks, and vaguely recognized three light tanks 95 among them. He sighed, the damn Chinese didn't dare to confront his brigade directly, they only dared to use fighter planes to bomb non-stop, what a disgusting thing! The most disgusting thing is that the pilots transferred from the Navy are loud and want to see the world through their noses, but when it comes time to use them, they are more than useless, ignoring enemy planes. flying over their heads Bombing indiscriminately, like entering a no man's land!

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    Tiet Man was dissatisfied: "You look down on my daughter, right? I have a lot of battle experience, and even captured a general. I can't do what many generals do. What right do you have to look down on me?" " “ !”

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    Before they could react, several Avantgarde-3s roared into the blue sky and rushed toward the Japanese aircraft fleet—this was the only self-propelled heavy artillery battalion in the entire army. plane ?? Near the self-propelled artillery battalion there was a company of Avant-3 anti-aircraft missiles and a company of Type 88 37mm self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. At this time, these troops began spraying fire into the sky. In particular, the 37mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun has a firing rate of 360 rounds/minute, a bit faster than many types of anti-aircraft machine guns. When the whole company fires at the same time, the airspace with a radius of several kilometers is immediately blocked. covered with dense ballistics Full, dense, extremely spectacular firepower. While the Japanese fleet was busy avoiding anti-aircraft artillery fire from the ground, a large number of Junior Seven, light as swallows, swooped down from the head of the Japanese fleet, flames flashing under their wings, and the air death - The rocket roared straight towards the Japanese fighter jets rushing high to avoid anti-aircraft fire!

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    They were wonderful, but the Japanese soldiers in the siege were not wonderful at all - I believe that no one would have thought that being burned alive by white phosphorus and napalm bombs would be a wonderful thing. To preserve their lives, they had no choice but to desperately dig fortifications to avoid artillery fire and bombs. However, they were trapped by the Yellow River, the area had no trees, how easy was it to build a strong fortification? The most terrible thing is that most of the places where the Japanese army stood firm were sandy soil, the dug-up fortifications could be knocked down with one foot. The painstakingly cared for fortifications not only failed to protect them but also buried many Japanese soldiers alive. .

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    well-hidden light machine gun suddenly opened fire, more than a dozen soldiers of the 8th Army who were looking for an attack in the trenches fell one after another, but nearly two-thirds of them quickly got up — they had all been shot in the chest and abdomen, they should have been killed or injured, but they were unharmed, but they could have been injured. to exit the shooting position. Before he could run far, a fire dragon rushed towards him. He and several soldiers who were retreating and shooting were all licked, turning into people on fire, rolling and screaming on the ground. Their encounter was no exception. In the trenches where the remnants of the Japanese army operated, fire dragons kept rolling, the fire-throwing soldiers used Type 02 flamethrowers to destroy them, turning the entire trench into a fire pit. couldn't react in time. Escaped from the trenches, Japanese soldiers howled in the fire pit, the smell of burning human flesh filled the battlefield, it was disgusting!

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    Chen Jianfeng chuckled: "Fat and water don't flow into outsiders' fields... Now most military factories are in trouble. As a weapons sales representative, I will naturally find a way to help They earn some benefits!”

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    Yoshida Tatsuo knew something was wrong, his alliance was hit without even realizing it, his aura was chaotic, his stomach was bloated, his ability couldn't recover for almost a whole day, it can be said that his alliance even When facing the enemy, I lost my fighting power before I saw it! Judging from what this female devil did in the Lianghuai area, it can be said that she has no shame, no bottom line, and no taboos. As long as she can wipe out the Japanese army, she There's nothing he doesn't dare to do! She played tricks to bring in the 7th Wing, eliminating most of the Japanese Wing's combat effectiveness, not simply as if she wanted to see Japan's joke! Now his alliance has reached an extremely critical point, he can't worry about that much anymore, he can only run around looking for toilet paper, and if he doesn't bring this, then who will. talk to him! I want to call the security guard, oh, the security guard is still pulling aside! After looking around, I only found a package of high-quality napkins, which was originally intended to be used in front of the navy, but now I couldn't care less. He randomly took out a few cloths to wipe his butt clean, then put on his pants, tried to suppress the discomfort in his stomach, went out, summoned the army, and forcefully said: "The Chinese are despicable, and they have taken the lead." poisoned our flesh. How shameless! We...we..."

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    Xue Jianqiang doubted the authenticity of her words: "Really?"

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    This is heartbreaking.

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    Xue Jianqiang took the telegram and read it carefully, sighing: "Come on, come on! Finally destroyed one of their divisions, setting a record for them, what a remarkable result!"

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    However, the treatment of his team was still very good, more than 50 people were divided into three cars, no need to walk, much better than unlucky marches on foot. But this treatment is not in vain, they are the tentacles of the whole group, shouldering the heavy responsibility of reconnaissance, paving the way, feeding the troops, in other words, they attack ambushes first, step on the openings. In short, that's not a good thing. No, along the road there were sporadic Chinese snipers. These cunning people hid behind big trees, hid in villages, hid on mountains. Whenever they saw Japanese soldiers, they would open fire. If they ignored them, someone would definitely shoot. , if the Zhukou team pulls up and wants to fight seriously with them, they will immediately disappear without a trace. This type of rogue play makes the Zhukou team very tired, but there is no good way, one way to stop and stop Again, the road that should have taken half an hour was not completed in two hours.

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    This area has the strictest air control, Li-2 armed transport aircraft patrol 24/24 hours, air defense radar is deployed here and operates around the clock, if enemy aircraft invade, still 300 km away. detected. In recent months, many spies have accidentally or intentionally approached this place and then disappeared. Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that this military area is absolutely forbidden. If you don't want to die, it's best to stay away. this place out .

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    Liu Xingchang was a little embarrassed... Wasn't it his idea to reload the gunboat with more ammunition? The most exaggerated is a gunboat filled with nearly 30,000 bullets in one breath, hovering in the sky and firing for several hours without finishing firing. At that time, he thought that this was a good idea, it could reduce the number of attacks, increase the time and effectiveness of attacks, listening to Tiet Kien Cuong was not bad, who would cry if he fell down! He hurriedly said: "I will go back and immediately order an end to this behavior!"

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    There was silence in the tower.

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    The 36th Division immediately followed, gathering all their belongings and walking forward in the footsteps of the Araki Squadron. A few hours later, three more artillery shells flew into the sky, and the 36th Division also jumped out of the encirclement!

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    Thousands of Japanese soldiers were torn to pieces before reinforcements.

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    Warehouse No. 5 is one of the most mysterious places in Dien'an. This warehouse has an area of more than one million square meters. No expense was spared in building a high wall of reinforced concrete to enclose the entire warehouse. . care what is stored inside Just looking at the fence, you know that this warehouse must be extraordinary. Around his warehouse, there were two entire infantry companies stationed on guard, an armored platoon driving light tanks patrolling day and night, not to mention, there were also four Jeeps equipped with arrows around. Avant-3 four-barrel anti-aircraft fire is arranged and ready. communication with radar Stay in contact with the warehouse and be ready for battle at any moment - their combat mission is only one: shoot down any flying object that approaches this warehouse, whether birds or planes!

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    Despite their own fatigue, the 2nd Independent Mixed Brigade launched an attack on the airfield with several tanks leading the 4th Cavalry Brigade which overcame the airfield's defenses and advanced. along the riverbank, try to control the bridgehead and prepare to establish a pontoon bridge. They are all veteran generals, knowing how to fight even with their eyes closed.

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    Minister Ly said: "Hey, okay, when you have time come talk to me, talk to young people, I feel much younger."

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    “Tell the soldiers on the front lines that reinforcements are coming, and tell them to hold their positions and never let the Chinese advance!” Unbelievably, Sato Zhongzuo chose to hide it. If he and his subordinates hide the bad news, then he and his subordinates can survive for a while. Once his subordinates know that the Eighth Route Army has the ability to cut off the last reinforcement line, the entire defense line will collapse. right away !

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    Xue Min ate the most delicious food, she made self-heating food, so delicious that soldiers hundreds of meters away were drooling. However, this great lady clearly had no interest in self-heated dishes that tasted poorly, just like chewing wax. While eating, she looked at dozens of caged goats, her eyes rolling around. Surely the reminder "bomb or poison" constantly flashed in this steel girl's heart? The unfortunate goats that fell into her hands felt the deep malice of humans, they cowered in fear and trembled.

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    Boss Zhu smiled brightly: "Since the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, I have dreamed of a Japanese army division being wiped out on Chinese soil. I have been waiting for seven years, and I finally saw see it! I will die in peace! President, this is unprecedented. Brilliant victory, shouldn't it be advertised?"

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    The complacent look on Xue Min's face suddenly froze.